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            Saideli, Top Thirty Industrial Enterprises of 2015 & Model Enterprise of Economizing on Land Use

            Time: 2016-02-17

            In the past year 2015, under a global economic downturn and severe economic pressure, Jiangsu Saideli, under the leadership of President Gu Gensheng, all the employees unite as one to face and overcome the difficulty. By the virtue of "Win the market with techniques, develop good faith with quality, innovate with energy", Saideli has met a great success in 2015.

            On the Construction of working style of executive branches and Consolidated commendation conference on 15th, Feb, 2015, Saideli has been awarded the Top thirty industrial enterprises of 2015 and the Model enterprise of economizing on land use. The President Gu Gensheng has been awarded Meritorious Entrepreneur of 2015.

            Hornors represent the past, the future belongs to the stronger. Saideli will try to do better on the basis of success and will race against the time to work hard, overcome difficulty, keep innovation for a new glorious furture in the new year.

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