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            Cares and workers of Saideli company are eager to show their love to people in Yushu earthquake stricken area

            Time: 2014-07-17

            Cares and workers of Saideli company are eager to show their love to people in Yushu earthquake stricken area

            ------ 2010-04-24 ------ 


            On April 14th, a 7.1 big earthquake occurred in Yushu county, Yushu Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in Qinghai province, which caused heavy casualties and property losses to Yushu areas. After the disaster, the safety and disaster relief masses schedule time affects the general cadre and staff's heart of our company. On April 23rd, the company party held party branch secretary meeting and issued a proposal “raise money for Yushu disaster area”, they appealed all our employees to take positive action to show their love to people in disaster area.
              The caritas is infinite and pure feeling lives forever. After “5.12” Wenchuan earthquake, facing the ruthless disaster of Qinghai Yushu, everybody lend helping hands and promote "one in trouble, assistance comes from" tradition. They revealed their social responsibility with actual action and transmitted their feeling “all thoughts on Yushu while the greatest love knows no boundary” with love. All people tried their best to help people in disaster areas to overcome the disaster and tide over the difficulties. The proposal received active response of all cares and workers. All political party members of our company produced vanguard type effect adequately. They took the lead in donation. Whether they are leading cadres or the ordinary worker, whether in production site, or in the office, everyone gave positive contributions, 10, 20, 100, 200…At that time, the love is collected quickly, our colleagues said that though they cannot go to the disaster area to send Saideli people’s wishes to Yushu fellows, they hope that they can give their own contribution to them.
              Money is a little, but it rests company employees’ wishes, we sincerely hope people in Yushu province are always strong enough to rebuild their beautiful homeland and it will be better tomorrow.

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